10 Things I Wish for Our Wedding

Happy weekend my lovelies! I know I haven't posted any wedding updates lately and honestly, I've been so caught up with the holidays that we stopped planning it altogether! And I don't know about you, but when I stop doing things for a project it feels way more stressful than actually doing it! We were also considering the possibility to put off the wedding until next year.

However, once we started to work on it we felt more relaxed. Things are going in the right direction! At least that's what I'm telling myself even if the location we had in mind is reconsidering our offer due to our plans. And, in this blog post, I am going to tell you everything about that.

As you know if you read my latest post about our wedding, we want a small, simple, woods wedding and it seems like this is too much to ask! Probably because the Romanian tradition is the exact opposite, where the focus is on big weddings (200-300 guests), ballrooms, big dresses and thousands of little things that cost a lot! Here I am talking about bags with your names on them or fridge magnets with your picture, kitsch photo booths, special cakes or gifts for guests and everything that can show how much money you have.

Well, here are 10 things I wish for my simple wedding:

1. To be surrounded by nature during the ceremony

Because the theme is a wedding in the woods, of course, I want the ceremony to be in the woods. I want to feel like a natural, serene moment where we are surrounded by the loved ones, by the sound of moving leaves and the birds' chirping.

2. To do some DIY, to get involved in creating my perfect wedding - not only pay for it

For me, a wedding feels like the biggest project of my life. Furthermore, I want not only to place people at the table or to give instructions but to actually do some DIY. For instance, I am designing and printing the invitations myself and it brings me so much joy! Also, I believe I am saving loads of money as everything is overpriced if it's meant to be for a wedding!

3. To be comfortable

This is my main goal, girls. I already have the dresses (yes, I have more than one 🙈) and they are so comfortable and perfect! I cannot wait to wear them and I also aim for flats - something like ballerina shoes - that can keep me dancing all night long.

4. To laugh, to dance, to love my husband and focus on our marriage

I wish for peace and relaxation. It is very easy to transform into a bridezilla: What if it rains? What if there is another wedding nearby? What if the food is not good enough? There are so many things you can worry about and only this stress can ruin your day. No matter what issues appear, I want to remember that this is the beginning of our marriage, not the end of it. I should party and have a good time.

5. To have natural flowers - my bouquet to be done by my grandma

Since I was a little girl, I always admired my grandma's peonies garden. She has so many each year that she keeps giving them away to everyone in the neighbourhood. She also said that she believes they grow so much because she keeps on giving them to people. They are so big and perfect that I dream about my wedding bouquet for a long time! Also, for me, that will mean so much more than just ordering a basic 250 lei (around £45) bouquet.

6. To have a natural vlog type video

Both Paul and I despise the classic wedding video, where it takes 5 minutes into the video to watch us getting dressed. We want something to remind us of a beautiful day spent with family and friends. We want something to capture the atmosphere of our wedding, a few details and the rest to be done in a vlog-like manner. Meaning that we plan to give the camera to all of our guests and to tell us whatever they want.

7. To create photo corners with natural elements

Last week at a wedding fair I did the mistake of looking into one of those photo booths for rent, where you have loads of kitsch props you can play with. 2 seconds into the talk and I realise I like nothing about them. Yes, you might enjoy it at fashion week or New Year's Eve but, in my eyes, it has nothing to do with a wedding. I don't want our guests to remember the event with a magician hat on and holding " I DO" sticks. Instead, I prefer them having something related to our wedding theme. I am thinking to do a few photo corners with natural elements from our wedding. For instance, one with the same flowers we used on the tables and on my bouquet and another that will represent our ceremony, probably made out of leaves, twigs and tree branches.

8. To have healthy food

Of course, I want a candy bar, but I still want us to be able to dance and not be stuck to the chairs the entire night because the food was too heavy. I also plan on having only a few courses because I don't want to waste any food. To be honest, I don't believe anyone can eat a 6 meal course in one night! Again, I am just trying to avoid the classic extravaganza just for the sake of it.

9. To pay everything of our own budget

As you probably figured out, we don't want to have a 'money wedding'. I probably just invented that term, but what I am talking about is a wedding with loads of people who you invite only to have their money, so you can afford to pay for your wedding afterwards. I want to make sure we fit into our budget and, if people give us money as a wedding gift, we will keep it for a vacation or for our future house.

10. To enjoy and have fun!

The main goal for our wedding is simple: we just wanna have fun! I don't want to look back and say 'I would never do a wedding again' or 'I'm glad it's over'. I want to enjoy every minute of it, and see it as a celebration and, as I said, the beginning of our marriage.