125 Years of Barbour Celebration at LFWM 19

At the lavish Lancaster House in St. James's Park, viewers were invited to take a walk down history lane, back in 1894, when Barbour started a small business, supplying oilskins to mariners. Reaching an important milestone and celebrating 125 years of business, Barbour takes pride in maintaining the high-quality fabrics, the durability and the attention to detail which John Barbour inaugurated in the South Shields.

The AW19 collection is composed of five re-engineered Barbour icon garments from all five generations of Barbour Family that kept the business going, starting with the Haydon Waxed Cotton Jacket. This was first introduced in 1910, with the purpose of clothing and protecting the mariners of the port area. Today, this was styled with corduroy chestnut trousers and navy cable knit jumpers with leather boots, resulting in a classic-chic outfit.

The next milestone is set in the 60s when John Barbour reinvented the country-wear by introducing the lightweight, parka jacket Durham. Later in 1979, the birth of the Quilted Jacket takes place, which remains a best-seller since, featuring the distinctive diamond shape quilts, spacious pockets and the corduroy collar.

Turning towards modernity, the Barbour narrative continues by introducing Barbour International, when the motorcycle suit was invented specifically for The International Six Day Trials, with a contemporary female version that captured viewers' attention the most through its diamond quilts pattern, golden details, waist belt and shearling collar.

Ending the presentation with a modern note, Barbour presented its latest iconic garment, the Beacon Sports jacket, worn by actor Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall in 2012. The jacket was inspired by a past collaboration with the Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida, remaining a staple piece of the Barbour narrative.