With the cold season approaching I feel like I've neglected my workout routine and my motivation to go to the gym hit the bottom level. As you guys voted on my Instagram poll, I know I am not the only one needing a motivational boost this winter. I am going to share with you my favourite fitness influencers to follow to get back on track this season from the comfort of your home!

1. Pamela Reif ( @pamela_rf )

Pamela's workouts are absolutely amazing and she is the best to follow if you are looking to build muscle. Her workouts are very intense so you might need to start gradually and don't expect to do a complete workout without breaks (as she does) from the beginning. Another reason why I love her workouts is because they are very professional, without any chitchat, getting straight into the workout. Also, Pam focuses on short and high intensity workouts that are great if you are busy and find it difficult to include long workouts into your daily routine.

2. Lilly Sabri ( @lillysabri )

Lilly's workouts focus on toning the body as well as fat loss and they are very efficient. In fact, Lilly is also a physiotherapist and she is very good at explaining the correct posture for beginners, making her the perfect fitness influencer to follow if you are not sure what are you doing. Before following Lilly I'd been going to the gym for one year and hadn't seen results as I had an incorrect posture (and I keep seeing this at sooo many people on social media!). Her workouts are short as Pamela's, but a little bit easier to do; but don't worry, you will still feel it!

3. Kayla Itsines ( @kayla_itsines )

I think it's impossible not to hear about Kayla if you have any social media account. Her growth is so inspiring and she is followed by 10.3 million people from around the world. She and her husband created the BBG program and the Sweat With Kayla app that helped many people to completely transform their body, as it focuses on HIIT exercises. So, if you are looking to loose fat download the app (20 $/month) which will also include personalised meal planning. Also, Kayla posts sneak peaks from her workouts on her account all the time to give you a taste of how the program is.

4. Meggan Grubb ( @meggangrubb )

Girls I know you will love Meggan! Her workouts mainly focus on legs and glutes workouts and you can check her account for free tips and exercises or you can buy her Peach Plan for 25 £ (it doesn't expire) if you are committed to focus on this area of your body the most. The only disadvantage is that the Peach Plan is gym-based, however you can still have a good workout at home following her Instagram and YouTube videos.