7 Ways to Switch to Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Apr 19

Fast fashion has been criticized for numerous reasons - from the waste of valuable resources and reckless spending by brands & customers to detrimental impact on the planet and environment. Experts agree that the fashion world would have to think of sustainability as one of the core objectives, for everyone’s good. If you are new to sustainable fashion, the concept may seem overwhelming considering most of us are used to fast fashion. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how to start with sustainable fashion.

Buy what you need

If every shopper adhered to this rule, we would be sending lesser clothing waste to landfills every year. Buy what you need and not what you like – We are not suggesting that you give up on your love for style and fashion but be judicious with your choices.

Share the love

You have a bunch of shoes and dresses, and your friend has a big collection of formal shirts. Exchange and rotate fashion – simple. Sharing just ensures that we reduce or discard clothing items and fashion accessories less than usual.

Shop from the right sites

There are many websites, such as The Iconic Australia, which focus on the basic sustainable fashion brands and have taken initiatives to ensure that customers make better choices. Shop from websites that care for the planet.

Select the right brands

Fashion brands focusing on sustainable fashion are increasing in number. Names include Mother of Pearl, Pour Les Femmes, Ninety Percent, Peony and many more. Find brands that are using sustainable means of production and marketing and check the steps they are taking to reduce environmental impact.

Wear organic and natural fabrics

Cotton, organic fabrics, and bamboo clothing are some of the better choices in sustainable fashion. Select brands that focus on local artisans, rely on ethical production and use natural products.

Consider recycling

Contrary to popular belief, recycling doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, many organizations are asking for donated clothes and materials that can be recycled. There are also a few brands that make clothing and fashion products from recycled fabrics.

Don’t throw away clothes

This is one of the basic rules of sustainable fashion. Do not throw clothes away. Instead, find ways to reuse them. You could donate clothes in good condition to local charities, or even use clothing items to create DIY products. Landfills are overwhelmed, and unless each one of us takes a step ahead, the planet will be doomed.

Finally, shop for trends wisely. Most people, especially fashion-conscious minds, end up buying clothes because they are trending. No, you don’t have to compromise on trends or runway fashion but consider repeat value for years to come. Go for clothing items and accessories that you are more likely to repeat.

Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the style expert for the House of Elegance Fashion. She is also an ardent nature lover and likes to cover runway trends and styles. Suzy has worked as a guest author for numerous online magazines and blogs.