Updated: Aug 20, 2018


Taking place at the Vynil Factory in Soho, the presentation incorporated Barbour’s long and rich motorcycle heritage by using strong storytelling techniques. Form the founder Duncan Barbour’s quotes and photographs projected on the walls, to vintage, wrinkled T-shirts hanged from the ceiling, Barbour International took us on a journey back in 1936.

The style was accentuated through a motorcycle garage, where the bike engineer, Calum Pryce-Tidd, built a Ducatti Scrambler bike, while the fashion presentation occurred. The utilitarian role of the garments was also accentuated through classic items such as the white T-shirt or the cuffed cargo trousers with large pockets.

Even if Barbour is loyal to the traditional garments, it also incorporated distinctive yellow and turquoise T-shirts, as well as layered jackets, providing the collection with a contemporary feel. The looks were accessorised with dark-coloured baseball hats, backpacks and white trainers, items that communicated again the every-day practicality.

The predominant look of the Spring Summer 18 collection was represented by black or light grey joggers, while the original Barbour jacket completed the vintage look. This was also reinforced by the over washed T-shirts, which combined with the leather jackets in hues of stone and navy, created the classic biker look.

The models presented the collection in a relaxed manner, while standing on motorcycle scissor lifts, generating the idea that the presentation took place in their garage.

Photograph Kimberley Archer / Article written for The Upcoming Magazine /