Be Responsible For The Energy You Are

It was late at night and I was admiring the unstoppable London from the 20th floor of our  first apartment in the big city. I was listening to Post Malone- Congratulation. As the lights of the sleepless city became blurrier, I shifted my mind towards the lyrics and started to feel them. Not enough, though. I felt like a part of me was absent but, at the same time, constantly fighting for attention.

I decided to become a Fashion Journalist because of an old passion of mine: writing. I am the type of person who has too many interests and passions-an undecided soul. The question ‘what do you want to do in life’ is a question that frustrates me. How can someone know that? One thing only? For me, that's impossible. For a long time I tried not to divide myself, to go one way only, as this seemed to be the thing everybody else was focused on. I wished for a blog where fashion, and only fashion, was in the center of attention.

But as the song came to an end, I realised that I would never be able to commit to something that was not 100% me. I realised that this blog needs to embrace all of me in order to become what I desire: an inspiring motivation. 

With all these essential ideas constantly occupying my mind, I found myself scrolling on social media when this image with pale pink blooming roses pops up with the message ‘Take the responsibility for the energy you bring.' Instead, I read ‘Take responsibility for the energy you are,’ message that truly touched me. I hope that the combination of stories that you will explore here will trigger your inspiration. So you can take too, responsibility for the energy you are.