Beauty: The Truth About Eyelash Extenstions

Week 4

Good morning girls! I am very excited to write this beauty post as many of you asked me so many questions about the eyelash extensions, so I decided to tell you everything here, including some tips and FAQ.

First of all, I want to mention that this is the first time I did my lashes and I was very hesitant as a few years ago I went to a beautician to put some long-lasting false lashes on and after a month when I went for the removal, she pulled off my own lashes as well, leaving me with absolutely nothing.

Also, I decided to post this article now because I want you to be able to see the entire process, from the first week to the last and also to see how my own lashes look like after I took the extensions off. So, I got them done on the 3rd of December and these pictures are just after Christmas, being on my forth week.

As you can see I have more extensions left on one eye than the other at this point so it would have been the perfect time to get infills. However, I decided to let them fall naturally for the left eye and to remove the ones left with coconut oil.

Week 4

Week 1

Tip #1

You must speak with the beautician before, let her know your expectations and see if you are on the same page!I told my beautician everything and she assured me nothing like my previous experience would happen. Also, I wanted a very natural look and she specializes in a natural-looking technique.

Tip #2

Make sure you set out enough time for it. This is not something that can be done in half an hour, because when applied correctly, one extension will be attached to one natural lash. If your beautician hurries the process, most probably she will attach the extensions on two or three natural lashes and when they will try to grow they will split and fall.

Tip #3

Don't go for the cheapest! This one intertwines with the previous tip, because if it takes a long time and it is a meticulous job, it cannot be cheap! For instance, you can find many places that do them for £20 but they won't be a good quality.

After removing the extensions


  • Do eyelash extensions damage your own lashes?

When applied correctly, one extension of proper length and volume to one single isolated natural eyelash, should not cause damage. The length and the thickness of eyelash extensions should be purely based on what the natural eyelashes can healthfully support.

  • How often do you need infills?

The average person has 90-120 natural lashes per eye and each eye can shed between 2-3 lashes a day. Therefore, the natural shedding process will be:

1 week: 21 lashes

2 weeks: 42 lashes

3 weeks: 63 lashes

  • Can you wear makeup?

Yes! You can wear liquid eyeliner and powders, you only have to avoid mascara. Although you can (and it is recommended) to wash your lashes, applying mascara is a bit too much as it's difficult to remove. Personally, I applied mascara in the last few days when I was wearing extensions to even out the length and it was a very stressful process when I had to remove the mascara. Nonetheless, one of my favourite things about eyelash extensions is that you won't need as much makeup to make you feel ready!

My talented beautician is @theprettygirlsclub in London