Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Messy Fun Collection

Bobby Abley bought boundless imagination and creativity in a saturated, dramatic world through his collection entitled ‘Messy Fun.’ The spring/summer 18 collection’s theme was around the Teletubbies, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the much-loved children’s TV show. Abey managed to bring Tinky Einky, Dispy, Laa-Laa and Po back on the spotlight, creating his own Teletubbyland at the 180 Stand, while the nostalgic and playful imagery captivated the audience.

Abley explored the exuberance of youth by using a multitude of colours, textures and patterns.Although the predominant hues were purple, green, yellow and red, in accordance with the Teletubbies, the show encapsulated an explosion of colours decorating the fun characters created for the show. Abley added zips to his character sweatshirts, tassels to cow-print garments and trousers inspired by Dispy’s top hat, wrapping up the idea that the adult life is boring.

The ‘Messy Fun’ collection was also a used for Abley to celebrate his ‘many foreign friends’ with oversized coats and hoodies featuring the burgundy of the EU-passport and that very slogan. One of Abley’s foreign friends is the founder of the Chinese brand I Love Choc, Alex Chao. Together, they’ve created the collection ‘Love Choc-Love Bobby,’ part of which was featured in today’s collection, ‘Messy Fun.’

Although the spring/summer 18 collection featured daywear and loungewear pieces, it also included some womenswear, as Abley could not omit from his celebration show the person who inspired him to sew: his grandmother, Anne. In the show, he incorporated a pair of jeans created by Anne which his father wore during his teenager years. Abley embellished the garment with Swarovski crystals, paying tribute to his recently deceased and loved grandma.

The Instagram exploded after the energy received from Bobby Abley’s multi-coloured collection, as the fashion show ended with Dipsy himself jumping and running on the catwalk, waving to the audience who did not expect the last day of LFWM to be a walk down the memory lane.

Photograph: Erol Birsen / This article was created for The Upcoming magazine /