Burberry’s 2017 autumn/winter collection was inspired by the abstract English sculptor Henry Moore, the man who caused a British sculptural Renaissance and who’s art works were exhibited at the fashion show which took place at the Makers House.

Although Moore’s art includes curving sculptures, Burberry’s collection was formed out of clean, bias cuts. However, the overall collection had a quite historical fluidity which was emphasised by the oversized Victorian neck ruffles, frills and organza fabrics.

The oversized items created a unique artisan effect through detailed macramé-looking appliques. The collection was an authoritative exchange of energy between the light and the dark which encapsulated feathers and beads, knots and ropes. Each different look seemed to emulate a specific role, similar to a royal court or chess pieces in a game of fashion.

The soft layers of white dresses, inspired by classic shirting designs were wrapped in knitted jersey-wear, style which was referencing the hallowed forms of Moore’s art. The runaway looks were accessorised with the new DK88 bag featuring the new trench leather and mid-calf knitted boots with a sculpted circular heel.

The collection composed of layers, exaggerated sleeves or sweaters with nautical intricate rope appliqués, also included classic, multi-coloured chemise, which stand out as they were divided in multi-coloured compartments, each featuring a Henry Moore sculpture.

Shades of pallid white or camel and pearly grey or coal-black were predominant and the multitude of beads, feathers and even glitter created a royal, still contemporary, feel. Burberry autumn/ winter 2017 collection was a fusion of abstract styles, precisely like the captivating work of Henry Moore.

Photo Courtesy of Burberry/Josh Olins / This article was created for The Upcoming magazine / https://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2017/02/20/burberry-autumnwinter-2017-collection-catwalk-show-lfw/