Catch Up With Us: The Monthly Vlogs Recap

Hello, lovelies! I hope you're still safe & healthy because it's been a minute since I posted on the blog! But, if we're not here, we're definitely on YouTube and always on IG. So, I thought that for today's post I am going to do a little vlog recap as I managed to film way more with this quarantine (at least that's a good thing). Starting from the latest one, yesterday I posted a little makeover vlog. As you probably know, we moved here in October and because it's a temporary place we didn't focus much on decorating and changing it. But, we needed a little 'hallway' with a mirror to check ourselves before leaving the house, so I took the opportunity to practice my painting skills. Here is how it turned out:

The next vlog on the monthly list is an Easter special and of course, it is an egg hunt! We took advantage of this big house and the yard and hid chocolate eggs and bunnies (extra points) and set ourselves for quite a race! This was my favourite vlog of this month because we had so much fun doing it! I hope you'll also have a good laugh, especially because the loser had to be punished. Check out who won!

Next, I'm doing something that I love and that is organising! I know it doesn't sound too exciting for many people but it brings me such joy when everything is in order and clean! ✨ I am very much a Monica and this quarantine was the perfect time to change things around my closet. If you're lacking motivation, the next vlog is for you!

Although this was posted on the 30th of March, I cannot skip it. We felt so relaxed during our quarantine picnic in the back yard that I really want to encourage you to do one! Even if you don't have a garden, you can do one on your balcony or even prepare a basket of goodies and have a little date in the living room! This picnic reminded me of the one we had in London, in Hyde Park exactly one year ago when we filmed our first vlog!