City Break In Scotland: My Edinburgh Itinerary

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Happy Sunday everyone! I've got a lot going on in my agenda lately and that's why I've missed the Wednesday blog post, being on the plane from Timisoara (Romania), back to London. But, as I love writing on the plane (and watching Friends) I've prepared my Scotland itinerary as I am extremely excited for this two nights city break coming next week!

⭐ TIP When you plan a city break look for a few places to eat in advance, so you won't lose time searching for cafés at 8 AM to have breakfast. In this way, if you'll find something you like while exploring the city it will be a nice surprise. Here is our list, close to the hotel:

Breakfast: Royal McGregor / The City Café / Belushi's / John Lewis Café / M&S Café /

Lunch: Hula Juice Café & Gallery / Signet Library / Oink Hogroast /

Dinner: The Cellar Door / Rabble Taphouse / Last Drop Pub / Frankenstein / The Filling Station

1. Visit Edinburgh Castle

This is the centerpiece of Edinburgh and I absolutely love visiting castles. When I moved to England for Uni my parents and I did a castle tour on our way, stopping to see the most picturesque buildings in Germany and France. I cannot wait to explore the intricate corridors of this Scottish castle and to admire the autumnal views of Edinburgh from above.

2. Arthur's Seat: Climb an Extinct Volcano

Located in Holyrood Park, Arthur's Seat is the remains of an extinct volcano that erupted 350 million years ago, now offering the best 360° views of Edinburgh, with Arthur's Seat being the tallest point. Hopefully, the weather will allow us to do this as it gets very windy at the top even during the summer.

3. Explore the Old Town

In order to genuine explore a city's culture, visiting the old parts of the town is a must. We will take a walk from Edinburgh Castle to The Royal Mile to soak up the Scottish history. Perhaps we will also join a short tour to learn more about the city's captivating past.

4. Visit the Signet Library

Known as Edinburgh's finest historic building, here you can enjoy the best afternoon tea or an award-winning dinner. This place looks very instagrammable and I cannot wait to visit it! As long as it involves books, tea and great food I'm sure it will be a perfect experience. And, although I hope it will be sunny, the Signet Library looks like it's perfect for any rainy day.