Dorateymur Autumn/Winter collection was a beautiful narrative surrounding exotic shoes. Walking into the Old Truman Brewery, the first image that fell upon my retina was the figure of sizeable Greek columns of different sizes, delicately holding the bourgeoisie shoes.

Besides his classic colour palette, including gold, Indian red, black and white, Dorateymur included new shades of pistachio, fuchsia and cobalt blue. The open-back shoes were made out of suede or leather, but the main attraction was the heel, with a unique feature: a miniature lacquer elephant, remarkably detailed.

Another central piece was the pair composed of two different shoes, with one made out of cobalt blue suede and the other made with black leather. Their simplicity was contrasted by their unique appliqué: silver caviar spoons.

The bold colours of the shoes represented an antithesis of the homogeneous look of the models, aspect which directed the viewers' attention to the Dorateymur Autumn/Winter collection. The models were seated in a living room which also encapsulated statement details of the collection such as elephants or small Grecian statues and the decor communicated vibes of contemporary nostalgia and melancholy, this being the inspiration for Dorateymur Autumn/Winter 2017.

Photograph: Kimberley Archer / This article was created for The Upcoming magazine /