Girls Talk! Everything You Need to Know About the Menstrual Cup

Good afternoon lovelies! Today we are going for a coffee together (even if it is online) and we are discussing the latest feminine product out there that created quite a hype. I am talking about the menstrual cup and because I've used it for about a year now, I am going to share all my tips and stories about it and I encourage you to try it because I promise it will change your life!

I also have a video where I show you everything, but that is in Romanian. So, if you don't speak Romanian, I am going to answer the FAQ here and please let me know if you have any other questions!

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid and prevent its leaking onto clothes. Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone and shaped like a bell with a stem.

Why is a menstrual cup better than a tampon?

• It helps with cramps & infections I don't know if there are some scientific proofs about the cup helping with the cramps but I promise you won't have them as often or at all! I used to have bad cramps especially during the first day but with the menstrual cup, these are gone! I also have a few girlfriends that said the same thing so it is definitely a good reason to try one. Also, you can't get an infection from the cup! The menstrual cup is made out of medical silicone, the same that is used for valves, so that it's compatible with your body and it doesn't see the cup as a foreign object. This material does not change the acid environment of your vagina and therefore you don't get infections from it, whereas the tampon changes this environment. Because the tampon absorbs everything, if you don't have a high flux it can also be a risk for infections as it dries the vagina. However, the cup only collects the period that your body would naturally dispose of.

• Environmentally friendly

This is a big reason why I tried using the cup in the first place. Did you know that 'figures from the Marine Conservation Society reveal that on average, 4.8 pieces of menstrual waste are found per 100 metres of beach cleaned and for every 100 m of beach, that amounts to 4 pads, panty-liners and backing strips, along with at least one tampon and applicator' ? That is insane. And imagine how many tampons end up in the landfill. Because I didn't want to be part of this anymore, I switched to menstrual cups and I'm super happy with my decision!

• You forget about being on your period

This one is probably my favourite! Because of its material, I often forget that I'm on my period! If you insert it correctly, you won't feel it. Not even when you do heavy weight squats at the gym or when you go swimming. I promise you will love it!

• Price

The price for the cup I'm using, Organicup, is around £18 and you can find it on Amazon or any store if you live in the UK. You only need to get a new one once every 5-6 years, depending on your menstrual flow. Mine still looks like brand new after on year of use.

I did a little bit of math to see how much I spent on tampons so far. So I got my period around 14 years old and now I am 25, which means 11 years of period. If I bought one pack of tampons per period for 11 years, that means that I've spent in total £330 only on tampons, with a £2.50 box of tampons per month!! I am shocked! Also, I believed that I spent even more because sometimes you want different types and end up buying 3 packs instead of 1. Anyway, I could have saved £294 if I would've got instead only 2 cups.

• Inserting it

There are many ways to insert it, but I've made a list of the most comfortable ones for you to try. I am using the U fold the most. The most important (and the most difficult) thing is to make sure it pops open after you insert it. You will have to put your finger in your vagina a little bit so you can feel the edge of the cup. If this is round, it means it popped and it stays in the correct position and you won't feel it. If you can feel a folded corner or anything, it means it didn't open and it's not in the correct position yet. You need to make sure that it is staying right so you won't feel it and you won't stain yourself. When the cup is open it will make a bit of vacuum so it won't come out by itself.

A little tip that I have is to push with your abdominal muscles as hard as you can once it's inside so that any air can go into it and it helps the popping process!

• Changing it

Another amazing fact is that this little guy doesn't need to be changed very often. You can change it in the morning and before going to bed, depending on your flux. However, once you try it, you will be surprised by how little blood there actually is!

To break the vacuum, you need to push one side of the cup slightly before pulling it out. It won't hurt when you insert it or when you're pulling it out so no worries! If you want to make sure things won't get messy, you can try changing it in the shower!

• Hygiene

Every time you change it, you need to clean it with hot water and soap and you need to boil it after your period and before as well if you want to make sure it's super clean. In between your periods, keep it in its bag.

If you are out and you feel the need to change it, just step into a public bathroom, take a damp tissue and after you dump its contents in the toilet, you can clean it with the tissue inside and out before reinserting it.