Healthy Snack Recipe: No Bake Carrot Cake Bites

Hi, lovelies! For today I'm sharing with you a 5-minute healthy recipe so you can replace the bad snacks while watching Netflix -because we are all doing that now, right? In case you love carrot cake I'm sure you'll enjoy these bites just as much! Because we need to stay at home now, I modified this recipe so you could easily find these ingredients in your pantry and, if not, they are all very easy to get from any shop. Ingredients: 10 pitted dates / 70g walnuts / 70 g almonds / 2 grated carrots / 1 tsp cinnamon / dash of nutmeg / 5 tbsp desiccated coconut for rolling

It's great if you have ground almonds and walnuts, but because I didn't have these, I just used normal ones and chopped them with a food processor.

After everything is prepared, you add the ingredients in the food processor. If you have a small one like mine, divide everything and do it in two rounds. Make sure that all the ingredients are finely chopped until the mixture sticks together. Roll the mixture in small balls into the desiccated coconut.

I recommend placing them in the freezer or the fridge for a few hours before serving them but if you prefer the soft texture you can go ahead and enjoy them as they are. I hope you'll love snacking on these during your next movie!