Updated: Jul 8, 2018


Last week I did an Instagram poll, asking what would you prefer between a '5 healthy and fast breakfast reciepes' and '5 smoothie recipes that will help with boosting your antioxidant levels.' To my surprise, the votes were almost equal, so I decided to do both of them, starting with your favourite: 5 Healthy and Fast Breakfast Recipes.

For Day 1, I prepared this delicious raspberry and tahini porridge as it is probably the quickest and is super easy to make! The tahini contains healthy fats and proteins, while the slow-realease carbohydrates from oats will give you a boost for those busy mornings.


60 g Oats

A handful of Frozen Raspberries

1 tsp of Honey

125 ml Almond Milk

1 tbsp of Tahini

A pinch of Chia Seeds

Before you start, make sure to place the frozen raspberries on a plate to defrost while you prepare the porridge.

Soak the oats in 150 ml of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Once the oats have absorbed the water, measure and pour in the almond milk. Place on the hob over a low-medium heat. Stirr regularly until the oats thicken into a fluffly textured porridge.

Leave for 3 minutes to cool, top with the tahini, honey and raspberries and sprinkle with Chia seeds to serve.

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