Home Workouts for Everybody

Hi guys! Long time no blog post! Lately, I've been very busy with the #weddinginthewoods planning, but now with Covid-19 all of these are on hold so I will dedicate my time for the blog and the vlog, hopefully inspiring and motivating you through this period.

Today is the day when we're all going to end the all-day Netflix & chill sessions and we are going to take care of these beautiful bodies! During this period, it's essential to be healthy and to keep our immune system strong.

There is no need to worry though! I will recommend workouts for every level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. These workouts are all bodyweight only, so no equipment is required, and I will include short workouts because I know how hard it is to begin. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Beginner Workouts

It's impossible to do home workouts and ignore Pamela Reif. She has all types of workouts on YouTube, free of charge and she is such an inspiration! Her workouts are quick and intense and I promise you will feel these!

However, she does not talk at all during her videos which means that you should know how to do these exercises correctly. For instance, it is important to activate your core before exercising, otherwise, you will probably end up using other muscles or parts of the body.

For this reason, I suggest that you start with some pilates classes from Boho Beautiful where she explains how to keep a good form. If pilates is not for you, you can try Lilly Sabri's workouts and challenges, as she is always talking about how to activate the muscles you are working and how to do the exercises correctly. Below, you can find some of my favourite beginner workouts:

Intermediate Workouts

At this stage you should be comfortable with doing longer and more intense workouts. For instance, you can do a 15 minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout followed by a 10 minutes core workout. During these it's important to listen to your body and take breaks if you need to. Remember, you need to enjoy it! If you don't, simply try something different that will still challenge yourself.

If you struggle with motivation, another tip that I have for you is to try the NTC (Nike Training Club) app, where you can select your fitness level and it creates customised plans for you. It helped me a lot with consistency and it gives you different trophies for working out. It's a small thing but it does its job and it makes you look forward to your next milestone and workout! Besides, you can find many health related articles that help you along your journey.

Advanced Workouts

If this is your interested category, congratulations! Remember to listen to your body and don't forget about stretching and flexibility, it will help you in the long run! Below, are some of my high intensity short workouts. But, for a variety of exercises I recommend you the NTC or the Adidas Training apps (they're both free) where you can select a high intensity, body-weight only plan and you will work all of your muscle groups. Stay encouraged & strong!