How To Be Confident

First of all, when I got requests to do a blog post about how to be confident I couldn't believe that people are asking ME to do this. The person who stood in her way for about one year and was too afraid to make this blog live. And from this perspective, I'm looking at the word 'confident' as an equivalent of 'courage in yourself or your work'. In today's blog post & vlog I am going to share with you one of my secret weapons in combating insecurities: In The Moment Magazine.

As you probably know, I am a big fan of this publication and I also share, on the blog, articles that truly inspire me. However, this magazine promotes a healthy lifestyle for the body and the mind and it's heavy on encouraging self-belief, confidence, humility and accepting imperfection. This magazine put things in a different perspective for me and therefore many tips that I am going to share with you today I learned while reading this magazine and also from my personal experience. So let's dig into it!

There are three things you need to approach in order to grow personally, and the first thing is perfectionism.

This is probably the number one issue that holds you back when you start following your passion. Having the entire world to compare yourself to through social media can affect us and we tend to make everything perfect before even sharing a draft with our closest friends. There are three simple steps to follow in order to stop perfectionism holding you back. Firstly, you need to stay savvy on social media. Like I said before, it's hard to start when you have professional work shared by people around the world on social media after they gained years and years of experience in their field. Taylor your followings and make sure to follow people who are starting now, people who are not afraid of sharing their ups and downs or people who really inspire you. Also, please remember that everyone posts their highlights on Instagram and that doesn't represent their entire life.

This takes me to the next step: think positive. There is no point in you following all these people if you despise them. Keep a positive attitude, encourage people and be nice on the online environment. After all, we all try to do our best in this life.

And lastly, appreciate your accomplishments! Whenever you feel down or without motivation, it's always helpful to look back at your journey and reflect on where you started from. Comparing yourself to who you were yesterday is much better than comparing yourself to others. It's by putting one foot in front of the other that you got this far, and that's what you have to keep doing to go further.

This subject is so relevant nowadays that I can make an entire blog post about it so please let me know if you would like that!

Recommended Book: Help Me! by Marianne Power

The next thing that you need to approach is self-belief.

There is one article that I love by wellbeing writer Xenia Taliotis (I know, what a coincidence!) and I am going to share some bits with you:

'Self-belief is key to overcoming life's many challenges, helping us to learn, succeed and grow. The key to self-belief is to become more resilient, meaning that you need to confront and find ways of solving problems instead of always seeing them as obstructions to any future happiness. In other words, according to Dr. Mary Burgess (consultant clinical psychologist at the Macmillan Centre, University College London Hospitals), you need to increase self-efficacy. It's really the conviction that you have the physical, emotional and intellectual resources to achieve and get through anything you set your mind to.

Simplistically, what sets those who have self-efficacy apart from self-doubters is their can-do attitude; at large, they feel that they're in control of their lives. It is such a strong determinant that some psychologists rate self-efficacy above talent when assessing a person's likelihood to succeed.

Lacking self-belief suffocates potential, and in order to combat it you can start with setting yourself one small challenge- any achievement, no matter how tiny, boosts self-efficacy!'

Lara Watson, a freelance editor and writer, says that 'self-belief is all or nothing!; Here's the thing with our friend self-belief - she'll gently ask you to do it anyway. Over and over again. It's only with experience that you come to realise that chances are you're going to do just fine. "What's the worst that can happen?" becomes a mantra. Try not to focus on the things that could go wrong. Instead, imagine the best possible outcome.'

And lastly, you need humility. It is often believed that confidence is the opposite of humility, but humility doesn't mean hiding your light under a bushel - rather, it can be a gentler way of celebrating our achievements. This is not the self-promotion that spells success on Instagram. Because if there's demand for external validation, it can become a problem. Also, when a demand for attention often arises, it's often coming from a lack of self-confidence and self-belief. You need to give your work time and focus on inspiring people by setting an example. Remember that what matters, in the end, is not the number of likes, followers, or views, but it's how you make people feel - that's what they will never forget.