Interior Design Trends & How To Get The Looks

Hi guys, I hope you have a wonderful week so far! I don't know about you, but when spring is in the bloom all I want to do is to get rid of any clutter, organize my entire house and go decor shopping (Paul and I loooove to spend a full day at IKEA haha!). If you are like me and would love to start organising and decorating your house, now it's the perfect time.

However, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by so many styles and trends and although some items might look nice in the shop, they will look out of place once you get home if you don't know what exactly you are looking for. In this blog post, I've included some very popular trends that you can choose from and I made sure it's easy for you to recognise them! My personal favourite is a combination of minimalist art deco and scandi, with a few touches of botanical.

Timeless Tuxedo Kitchens With sustainability and minimalism being at the centre of the 21st century, trends are also being recycled and adapted to the modern individual. And this concept should be also applied in the kitchen, where everything is going back to timeless basics. This year (and probably more to come) expect to see the Tuxedo kitchens everywhere with their contrasting black cabinets against white walls and backsplashes and marble countertops.

Look For: -lower cabinets in classic black -marble countertops -open shelvings -black appliances

*plate 1.99 *backsplash 25.00/1.2m *drainer 7.00 *rail 6.00

Clean Botanicals

Get inspired by the flora and foliage trend bursting into bloom this season, with harmonious greens accents taking centre stage against a clean, white background. Organise your plants! Giant exotic leaves are a perfect way to bring tropical bliss to your home, but they will flourish in the hot climate, so keep them in the corners of your rooms with plenty of space to grow. Use trailing plants up on the top of tall cupboards and gather the small pot plants such as succulents together in another area (like a coffee table).

My Favourite touch: Eucalyptus Conventionally used in wedding decor, they are now gaining popularity in home decor. Just like with tropical plants, slim vases are appealing and fitting for the long stems of these leaves.

Look For: -white backdrop -bring the outside in by organising your plants -play with tones of green -don’t be afraid of big statements: botanical wallpaper or curtains

*pillow 6.99 *plate 6.99 *plant stand 30.00 * artificial potted plant 20.00

Minimalist Art Deco

The opulence of mid-century modern never really goes out of style. Velvet sofas, marble and gold bar carts make a glitzy SS19 comeback. But don’t bring your Great Gatsby copy into the picture just yet. For this trend, we are seeing minimalist statements using Art Deco for its clean geometry and gold touches. Key colours such as dusty rose, ochre and gold are now the centre of the decor instead of playing their role as surrounding tones. Now, Minimalist Art Deco is allowing space for dramatic neutrals and cotton whites to emphasize key materials such as velvet, marble, smoked glass and brass.

Look For: -strong sense of symmetry -geometric patterns -artwork/sculptures -sleek materials -monochromatic theme

*hourglass 29.99 *pot cover 9.00 *chair 150.00 *coffee table 79.99 *stand with plant pot 89.99 *mirrored valet 299.00

Clean Scandinavian

Creating cosiness with tones of grey, creams and whites became the ultimate modernity, with the Scandi style making a big impact through its simple and imperfect textures. This effortlessly stylish decor manages to create a space that is perfect for a retreat, making you switch off from the world outside. Last season this look was filled with global-inspired pattern, for 2019 it’s more about a simple understated pattern. This trend embraces natural wood, textural weave and the imperfect sculptural forms of rattan and wicker.

Look For:

-neutrals, from canvas white to natural buff

-wool or sheepskin

-contrasting wood


-create depth with textiles

*wood plate 17.99 *rug 29.99 *faux fur 11.69 *basket 69.99 *towels 29.99 *bathroom set 15.99

with love,