Let's Find Brownie a Home #adoptbrownie

Hello guys & happy new year! Although I am a little sad that 2019 ended, as we accomplished so many great things and it was the year when we got engaged, I am going to start 2020 properly. I am on a hunt for the best people out there to adopt little Brownie!

Brownie is the smallest dog that Arlo found two days ago at our front door. There were two puppies at the door initially, but since Arlo got too excited, his sibling ran away and unfortunately, we lost him. Nonetheless, as soon as we found Brownie we took him to the vet to make sure he was healthy.

Unfortunately, Brownie had worms in his tummy due to lack of disinfestation and vaccination. But, after he received treatment and a lot of love, he eliminated everything bad and became a happy and healthy dog.

Although it breaks my heart to write this post as he is cuddling at my feet, we need to give Brownie away because Arlo gets too excited and plays too rough. I am posting this hoping to find him the best owners out there who will love and spoil him endlessly. I promise he is the best dog ever and I wish Arlo could be as good as he is!

Firstly, he loves to be close to people but he also enjoys his own time! Because we couldn't keep him in the same place with Arlo, we decided to settle Brownie in our future house that isn't finished yet. We placed a dog house full of hay and blankets to make sure he is warm and he absolutely loves it!

I am sure that if we all share this article, we will be able to find the best person to adopt Brownie. You can easily keep Brownie in an apartment, as he just wants to sleep someplace warm and to be next to the people he loves! I hope these photos will warm your heart and I promise you will love him as soon as you'll pick him up! Although I secretly don't want to give him away, I know it will be best for Brownie if he doesn't grow up traumatised by Arlo!

Why YOU need to adopt Brownie ASAP :

* he has a health record booklet from the vet, internal and external desinfestation and he is up to date with vaccines

* he loves to be surrounded by people and gets attached very easily

* he also loves other animals and he kisses every furry friend he meets

* he doesn't shed !!!

* he enjoys his kibbles so no need for puppy formula

* he is trained to sleep in a dog house by himself so no cries in the middle of the night

* he follows you anywhere and doesn't disturb you if you work (we took him to the office and to the studio and he just slept while we were working)

*generally, he is a very low maintenance dog