Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Rohmir’s admirable AW18 collection entitled Shall We Dance was shown at Freemasons’ Hall. From delicate and detailed prints to opulent and bold patterns, designer Roh’s timeless design was at the heart of the show.

The catwalk opened with a ballet dancer, adorned in a silver and crimson organza dress, which fanned with spectacular fluidity. Throughout the show, Olga mastered many colour spectrums, from soft shades of ivory to royal green. Each palette was first presented by a dancer, making sure that the entire audience scrutinised every detail of the garment through their fluid movements.

Rohmir is known for their Parisian couture influence, blended with Italian chic; however, the brand moved the audience with modern cuts and bold accents, such as sewn metallic wool. One of the looks that perfectly combined the royal motifs with the fearless contemporary was composed of a classic navy off-the-shoulder shirt and metallic gold trousers. This look was accentuated by carefully selected details such as a delicate ribbon hairband and dark eyeshadow.

A gentle touch was added in the childrenswear collection, where garments were adorned in silk and wool and accessorised with ostrich feathers. This enhanced the feminine, timeless feel of the collection and transported the viewer into a magical journey of the world of fashion.

Photograph: Kimberley Larmouth

This article was created for The Upcoming magazine

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