For SS19 collection Gènavant surprised with a unique and exotic form of contemporary luxury, inspired from the glamorous years of the 1940s in Shanghai. Gènavant managed to capture a fashion metamorphosis, referring to the moment when the old World of China mixed with practices from the West, resulting in female empowering styles that left the audience in awe.

The collection was presented in an atmosphere-heavy parlour with the design inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s movie, In The Mood for Love. The rare Chinese antiques and artefacts played a critical role in representing the rich and lavish culture of the time, while tones of blush pink, grey and black were representing the modernity with nonchalance.

The mid-length slip Chinese dresses were reinvented, bearing a minimalist design and made out of silk in exquisite tones of emerald and red, elevated by iconic shoes entitled ‘Flying Cloud’, designed by Jimmy Choo. The stilettos, embedded with sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and pearls represented an ode to the Qianlong porcelain, transforming the modern shoe into a piece of art.

The shoes were a statement of the Gènavant SS19 collection as some were transformed into accessories such as rings, necklaces or pins in shape of a stiletto, meant to complement the collection. The jewellery designer and the creative director, Reggie Hung, who is also Choo’s godson, explained that his pieces are designed in a way to evoke grace and elegance while also incorporating the legacy of luxury.

Through beautiful storytelling techniques, Gènavant ensured a memorialising debut, presenting to the audience a different culture with a vibrant energy, encapsulated in luxurious materials and hues while accessorised with the finest gems.

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