London Fashion Week Outfit

Men's fashion week is over, the articles are posted (also on The Upcoming Magazine), the photographs are edited, and I am already excited for the next LFW in February!

As you can probably tell, I like keeping two different tones of voice on the blog, with this one being more of a diary style when I share my life with you, whereas the fashion articles and other types of news are kept informal and professional. This is also the reason why I couldn't share my OOTD with you in the previous blog posts and I decided to do a short and cute post to share it with you and to tell you more about it.

I don't know where it came from, but when my editor said LFWM started (yes, I completely forgot about it), the first thing that came in my mind outfit-wise was something dramatic with an over-sized red wool coat and matching boots. I was also picturing it with a tight, voluminous black sheer organza dress. Nonetheless, I was very tight on free time as I was working and I had two lunch breaks to create this outfit.

Of course, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted especially now when the winter sales are on, but I believe I managed it pretty well, keeping that dramatic effect.

Coat: Zara | Top & Accessories: Bershka | Trousers: Quizz Clothing | Shoes: New Look