Major Life Update: Moved to Romania & Got a Puppy

My dearest readers, I am back! And I couldn't be back without any great news, so I am going to share with you what happened in our lives in the past month and a half, a major change and challenge. I am very excited to share it all with you so get cozy and ready for a little storytime!

After we got engaged in July, we knew we had to start planning out our lives because we desperately want a family ASAP and we realised that this couldn't happen in the UK for a few reasons. With the wedding and a family in mind but with a hectic work schedule and a chaotic lifestyle on our hands, we knew that the best solution was to move back to Romania with our family close to us.

So what could we do? Quit our jobs, move back, find a place to stay and get a puppy to make our lives even more complicated of course! 

We are lucky enough to have a few projects in Romania that need our attention and can also generate income. Also we have an under construction house next to Paul's parents that will make our lives way easier once it's done (get ready for many renovation and design posts)! 

Although we were very excited to be with our family and friends, we were also anxious to leave London, a city that in our hearts will always remain our home, our friends there, our 20th floor flat where we created so many good memories and even those annoying jobs that ensured us a decent life. But, as Paulo Coelho said, 'you have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.' This is what we have to remind ourselves constantly during this period of adjustment - especially at 4 AM when we have to take the puppy outside!

Thankfully, everything went well: the agency found another tenant (otherwise we would be still paying rent as we terminated the contract earlier), we found a company to move all of our stuff to Romania, we bought plane & coach tickets and off we were. Of course, until we figured it all out it was a stressful period and there wasn't a day we didn't ask ourselves if we were making the right decision. What made these weeks more bearable was the news that we will also have a puppy. 

A family acquaintance has a female Labrador that gave birth to 5 playful little puppies and as soon as I heard this I asked my mom if we could have one. As she is in love with dogs as much as I am, she agreed. Sooner than expected everything was set: once we would arrive home we could have one of the Lab pups. After we moved, we gave ourselves a couple of days to settle in and then we went to choose our puppy. Surrounded by five snuggle babies this seemed like an impossible decision, but as usual, Paul found a solution and said 'let's get this chubby crazy one,' and there was Arlo. 

At night we are definitely regretting this decision when we have to wake up in the middle of the night for some play sessions, but we also love it when he comes jumping at us for some more cuddles. Nonetheless, we are excited for Arlo to grow up just a little so we can get back into our normal routine. 

All in all, we don't know what to expect from our future, we are just like Arlo, exploring our new ground, getting used to a new place. We are trying to adjust and make our new place to feel like home and we hope we'll become more creative, full of life and energetic.