My Productive Morning Routine

Rise and shine!

I used to hate it when my parents said this every morning when I had to go to school and wake up at 7 am. For years I thought I was a 'night owl', staying up late and getting work done around 1 am believing I was more productive around this time. Well, after losing sleep at night for years during uni, I feel this whole 'night owl or morning lark' is just something society embedded into our conception about ourselves, and I'm going to tell you why.

Once I started my job, I had a very imbalanced lifestyle because I was waking up as late as possible, being always in a rush to get to work only to come home to a messy house, too exhausted to do anything productive and ended the day with long procrastinating hours.

However, last year I slowly adopted this morning routine during the week and I cannot believe how much these little things contribute to having a great week. I manage to achieve so much more and actually enjoy the process. I figured out that it's not about whether you are a morning person or not, but rather making a little time for yourself to catch up with your life.

In my case, I thought I was better in the evenings because everyone was asleep and I could be by myself although I was pretty tired. What I realised recently is that I can do this entire routine in the morning to start the day properly and without being in a rush by simply reserving some time for me without my phone or any other distractions. Now, this is something that works for me but I encourage you to create your own routine that will make your mornings exciting and something you look forward to.

6:00 am

First, I try to get up early, around 6 am every day. This doesn't mean I lose sleep, but that I go to bed early as well, around 10-11 pm. It takes a while to get used to going to bed early during the week, but no one has important things to do that late in the evening so the easiest way is to put away your phone and get ready for bed.

6:05 am

I make myself a cup of coffee and while I'm waiting for it to brew, I start preparing the meal for the day. I keep these meals simple and easy to make, so I can pop something in the oven while I am continuing my routine. This is also the time when I pick things up from around the house and make sure everything is tidy. As a blogger, half of the time I spent writing or editing so it is very important that your house is well maintained if you work from home.

6:20 am

Now here comes the biggest tip. In order to make your mornings enjoyable you have to look forward to something and for me, it is either watching a YouTube video of a vlogger I like or read a few pages from my book while I have my coffee. These 10 minutes will put you in such a good mood because you take time for yourself and this is very important before going to work and/or doing tasks for other people.

6:30 am

This is the time when I plan my week, setting small goals for each day, writing everything that I have on my mind in a to-do list format in order to keep my mind clear and not stress over small things. This is the easiest solution to 'I-have-a-million-things-on-my-mind' feeling and will help you be more present and involved in your work.

7:00 am

There is nothing better than the smell of breakfast in the morning and spending some time with my boyfriend Paul (who cooks the best food ever!). Then, I will do my hair & makeup and be ready to have a great day!