One Year Of Blogging: Reflections

Last year I decided to follow my dream and start a lifestyle blog. I didn’t know what to write about, or how many times a week should I post, I didn’t know what SEO was (not that now I am an expert or anything), I didn't even know my niche. All I knew was that this blog needs to represent me, to be real and to help people. I decided to start doing it and figure it all out as I go, sometimes this is the best approach in life, going for it head-on.

Looking back, I now realise that this blog helped me the most in discovering myself. And, after one year, I still feel that I’m at the very beginning of the journey, discovering my niche, finding an audience that enjoys the same things I do. This year I didn't want to focus on growing for the sake of it, but I wanted to make sure I am growing in the right direction.

This blog made me feel the best and the worse, possible in the same day and I still love it! Whenever I feel I’m at my very limit, it makes me see that, in fact, I am able to push myself just a little bit more every time. And this is all because of the most amazing online audience, because of you! I truly have amazing people around me and I am so grateful for you all!

I decided to celebrate this year with a giveaway box. I carefully selected some of my favourite items, making sure everything is organic & healthy, just how I like it. I needed to represent me so that you can know me more through this box. As it was very personal, just before posting the giveaway, Paul and I were concerned that probably not many of you will participate. And then again, you surprised me with your interest, amazing ideas and wonderful thoughts. 

After one year, I know that this blog's goal is to make us all better persons, to be a place of growth, happiness and a wellness oasis. The goal is to live in the moment, to stay real and raw and to keep a positive mindset in difficult situations. This blog is for the people who want to embrace a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, to be creative, to be confident and follow their intuition & dreams.