Our Easter & 10 Facts About Us

Happy Easter! I hope you had an amazing, peaceful Sunday as we did! I am so grateful that this day turned as planned and we celebrated Easter with our first picnic. We have also filmed our first vlog: 10-ish facts about us, which I will also post in this article. But first thing’s first, I’m going to share with you how our Easter Day went.

In the morning we went to our church, Hillsong London, and they prepared a play called King of Heaven. It was a modern interpretation of the crucifixion from the perspective of the centurion. It was so well put together and it was very easy to understand. I am sure they will share the play soon on their website and I definitely recommend for you to watch it. Also, the effects were stunning!

After the service we decided to go to Hyde Park, hoping to find a quiet place with a nice view. We were a bit terrified when we arrived because the park was packed: half of London was in Hyde Park! To my amazement, we found a beautiful tree right in front of the old police station. It was the perfect scenery and quiet enough so we could feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera! I do feel a bit awkward speaking for more than 10 seconds and I definitely hate my voice / seeing myself, buuut I’m sure everyone felt the same way when they started vlogging.

The reason why I said 10-ish facts about us is because our idea deviated and we both ended writing down 10 facts and instead of selecting only the best, we’ve kept all 20 of them so you guys can know us better, both separate and together. So, here they are:

- Xeni's

1. We first met in the airport.

2. We booked our first holiday before meeting in person.

3. I met half of his family on our second date.

4. Since we met we couldn’t stay apart and annoyed my family.

5. Our favourite thing to do is watch Netflix and eat frozen pizza.

6. We still don’t know how to be apart and we usually fight when we are not together.

7. We moved in together in our 3rd month of relationship.

8. Paul moved in the UK for me.

9. We are both into photography and became more creative since we are together.

10. We lived in 4 places so far and planning to move in our own house soon.

- Paul's

1. We like to snack and watch a show together in the evening.

2. We grew up in the same city fairly close to each other but never met until 2016.

3. Xeni knows a lot more 80’s songs than I do.

4. She hates it when I cut my hair short on the sides.

5. She also hates it when I beat her at a game.

6. When we go out for photo shoots I’m more picky about the photos.

7. We both love bacon and eggs in the morning.

8. We love going to IKEA.

9. Xeni steals my hoodies and socks all the time.

10. I like red wine, she likes white.