Places In London That Put You In A Holiday Mood: Èlan Café

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Happy Sunday people! This week was still rainy, moody, gloomy...not Christmasy at all and I cannot believe we are already in December! My feed is full of breathtaking pictures with cozy cities covered in snow from Romania, and I am here in London trying to get into the holiday mood (not very easy to do).

So, I decided to get out there and start exploring in order to find the loveliest places that will put anyone in a Christmasy mood or at least in a better mood! I will try to post more during the week so I can have a complete list of places to add to your winter bucket list until the 24th.

The first place is very girly, but to my surprise, there were a lot of guys too, probably coming for the vast menu of healthy and super delicious food they have. (Or probably because of their insisting girlfriends, you never know.)

Élan café is this pink, rosy paradise in South Kensington where everyone is going for an instant boost their moods. Here, the shades of pink were transformed into the most Christmasy colours, while the best carols are playing in the background. Plus, look at this gorgeous Christmas tree!

I had an açai bowl with gluten-free granola topped with coconut flakes, passion fruit, banana, and strawberry, while Paul (yes, I convinced him to join me) had caramel shortbread, a jam croissant, and a maple syrup coffee. I love that they had something available for everyone, meeting my healthy obsessions and Paul's need for something sweet. And by the way, the shortbread is the best I had so far, not being too sweet and sickening.

You can probably figure it out that was quite packed, especially during a rainy Sunday. I suggest visiting during the week in the morning. Otherwise, expect queues! But, I cannot complain, we've probably waited for 15 minutes only.

If you visit London, make sure to add this lovely oasis to your itinerary, I promise it will be the best shelter from the harsh winds to enjoy a hot cup of coffee!