Places In London That Put You In A Holiday Mood: National History Museum Ice Rink

As I promised, I'm going to cover as many Christmassy places as possible until the 24th, and today I want to share with you the most instagrammable ice skating rink in London, a must this holiday. The ice rink that I’m talking about is the one at the National History Museum, sheltered by the imposing building and fashioning a grandiose Christmas tree in the middle. The place is surrounded by trees decorated with flickering lights, creating a magical scene. Even if you aren’t great at ice skating it’s impossible not to enjoy this serene location or have a laugh.

I remember seeing this place a few years ago when I lived in Southampton and I visited London for an event. It was the most festive place had I ever been to and many people asked me about it. So, when my friends suggested going ice skating, I knew exactly where we should go.

Moreover, there is a little café next to the ice skate that serves mulled wine and pretzels, the perfect treat after an hour on the skates. I'm telling you, it's impossible to resist the spiced, mulled wine scent in the air; it's delicious!

Nonetheless, we had the best time, feeling a little bit more festive after skating here. If you visit London this winter, make sure to take one hour to enjoy the magic of this place. It will make you feel like a child again, with the fairy decorated tree branches sheltering you from the daily troubles.