Queueing at the grocery store I spotted this cute magazine called In The Moment, and as I flicked through its pages I saw this article about embracing imperfection. My first thought was why? it's nice to make sure everything is perfect; then I read the first paragraph:

'Many perfectionists wear their badge with pride, as a hallmark of delivering excellence and unrivalled quality.'

Ok, I'm definitely buying this magazine. After I had properly read the article (it's about 4pg long) I realised I am a perfectionist and I am not the only one who is or thinks it's a good thing to be one. In fact, a 2017 study showed that in comparison with previous generations, levels of perfectionism have significantly increased over the past three decades among the youth. Therefore, more young adults are suffering from depression, anxiety, body image issues, and suicidal ideation. The author Brené Brown describes perfectionism as a self-destructive and addictive belief system that we use to shield ourselves from rejection and pain.

Of course, the depression and anxiety is usually related to something you've done, feeling that you haven't done a good enough job, putting too much pressure on yourself. However, the next step is what truly captivated my attention. As perfectionists have sky-high standards they usually take the job, want to do everything themselves, but when the project actually arrives they end up procrastinating out of fear, thinking they won't deliver excellence. Well, if my boyfriend wouldn't have assured me every step of the way that the blog is ok, it probably wouldn't have been published yet because I would still think it's not good enough for my audience. Despite this, I received many encouraging words and support from you, meaning that I am too harsh with myself sometimes.

Now we already know that we take on a lot of pressure from social media, where everyone is posting the best version of themselves and although this is not a bad thing, it makes us all more aware of our lives, standards, and goals. By now we already know that influencers' lives are not as glamorous and nice as their Instagram posts, but this might be hard to remember on a bad day or when you try to get the 'perfect shot' to match your feed.

How can we embrace our imperfections? Well first we should try to stay savvy on social media, keeping in mind that a lot of work has been done in order to achieve what we see, no one 'woke up like that'. Secondly, we should soften our approach towards ourselves; think of yourself as your friend and consider how you would support that friend along the way. Lastly, don't forget to appreciate your accomplishments. When you reach a milestone, take a moment to take it in and don't compare it to anyone else, compare yourself with who you were yesterday, a month ago or even one year ago.

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