Updated: Jun 23, 2018

This morning is one of those torrid, lazy summer mornings when even 6AM feels too hot and nothing seems urgent or motivating enough to get out of bed. I am usually the type of person who likes to wake up early in the morning and get things done, but today even the unstoppable London is slowed down, like all Londoners are eager for summerish escapes.

From my desk I can see the multitude of airplanes passing above London, but as I’m thinking about vacation, my mind shifted to those long car rides to the sea with my parents listening to that 80’s playlist on repeat. Ah! How should I focus when mentally I am passing along the steep coastline of the Aegean Sea, listening to Depeche Mode and gazing at the deep shade of Aegean blue connecting with the sky?

But, if I hate anything more than not being able to be on the beach right now it’s letting a nice day like this passing by without being productive. Ending my daydreaming, I decided to translate this whole moody situation into an urban outfit.

For that messy look vibe I borrowed Paul’s oversized Guns N’ Roses Tee and burgundy bandana. To add a little softness to the look, I went for a pair of white cropped trousers that made me feel like I was about to spend the night at a beach bar where music intertwines with the sound of crashing waves. The Fiorelli bag and the open-knit sock ankle boots brought these opposite garments together, resulting in a 100% me look.

So I grabbed a strong coffee and I let my feelings lead the way. If there’s something I took from all the Fashion Week shows it’s that your mood is the best stylist: when you feel comfortable and good in your own skin you will transmit an individual energy that will have an impact. Never force an outfit. It should come naturally, even if it’s an all time classic or an unconventional style. It’s your choice; just make it personal, make it you.

Now it’s 7 AM and although I am really far away, still imagining a white and deep, Grecian blue scenery, I decided to see the world through an optimistic lens and enjoy this day (while listening to Depeche Mode).


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