Sugar-Free Strawberry Sponge Cake

I hope you're in the mood for something yummy because I'm going to share THE cake recipe for this summer! Paul and I decided not to eat sweets until the wedding (just wait for those honeymoon photos!!) so I had to come up with new sugar-free, healthy snack recipes to satisfy our cravings. Lately I've been craving cake so bad and this strawberry sponge cake is exactly what I needed! You can always change the fruit with whatever you have in your pantry. :)

Firstly, separate the eggs and using the mixer, beat the egg whites until the foam doubles its size. Then add the banana and the coconut oil on the yolks and mix them until it reaches the consistence of a paste.

Pour the paste on the egg whites, add the baking powder and the vanilla essence. Mix using a low setting. Then add the flour and mix it again, this time using a spatula, with a circular motion, to make sure the composition will be fluffy.

Oil a small pan and pour the mixture in. Add the strawberries cut in 4, pushing them slightly in the composition. Bake for 35-40 minutes at 180°, or until it passes the toothpick test. Serve cool :)

TIP: If you put fewer strawberries it will get fluffier, but if you add extra strawberries at the bottom, it will be a little bit moist and dense. This one is with LOADS of strawberries at the bottom, but if you swipe right, you can see the fluffier version with fewer strawberries, all being on top.