Updated: Oct 27, 2018

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Sadly for most, September is the back-to-school, back-to-work or back-to-reality month, making the end of the holiday season. But, if you can swim against the stream you will find September the best month to pack your bags and embark on an adventure.

As you voted on my Instagram poll the other day, I’m sharing my Tenerife itinerary as we (my boyfriend and some friends from Romania) are leaving in 6 days eeek! Although this is not a complete itinerary because we will decide together what we want to do, I picked a few destinations that are not very well-known and come with a picturesque view!

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1. Playa de Diego Hernandez

A friend who grew up in Tenerife told me about this beach which is mostly known by locals. It is quite hard to get here because you have to leave the car up on a hill and it is a 30 min walk down to the beach. But, if it’s anything that I’ve learned while travelling is that there is no better way to explore a place than through the knowledge of the locals!

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2. Cueva el Tancón

Swimming and snorkeling in the depth of a cave is very fascinating because of the way in which light reflects into the ocean, creating unique shades of azure and aquamarine blue. Cueva el Tancon is such a place and also has an open top as it can be visited from the surface. I am curious if we can jump into the cave!

3. Casa de la Gordejuela

I fell in love with this place as soon as I saw the pictures and this YouTube video. Standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down at the crushing hues of turquoise, it is the absolute perfect view for me. The combination of fear and tranquility is such a great feeling. Let’s go in an adventure and start climbing!

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4. Garachico Natural Pools

These pools are totally natural, carved out of the volcanic rock by the volcanic lava that reached the sea during the eruption in 1706. Although this is a touristic attraction and can be over-crowded, I have to visit this unique place. Perhaps during a week-day, early in the morning is a good time to go.

Source: Trip Tenerife

5. Teide National Park

I am looking forward to take a wander through the lava-tinted landscapes, hiking to the top to admire the ocean from a volcano peak! Also, it is known that from Teide it’s possible to see 83 constellations out of 88. This will make the experience truly other-worldly and very exciting. I cannot wait to ditch the urban life for Mars-like sceneries, to be surrounded by sand-stone colour palettes or the scents of the pine tree from the base of the mountain.

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6. Playa de las Americas

One reason why we decided to go to Tenerife is to take surfing lessons! We took up skiing a few years ago and fell in love with the winter sport, so now we are seeking for a summer sport to be just as exciting and fun. Although I am a little bit nervous because I’ve read ‘it’s one of the most difficult sports,’ I cannot wait to try it and tell you all about it!

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