Tourne De Transmission SS18

The collection entitled ‘The Lies That Bind’ took place at The Strand, featuring an unusual show space layout. The modern industrial design of the space was in accordance with the message of the collection, which alluded to the transparency we reject as a society when it comes to sensitive subjects that can cause apprehensive feelings.

In ‘The Lies That Bind,’ Tourne de Transmission are addressing social and political issues, stating that ‘there is a layer, a veneer on life that we are not meant to see through,’ by adding layers of transparent material to classic, everyday items such as trench coats.

The colour palette of the collection remains classic, incorporating hues of beige, back and white. However, the attention is grabbed by fluorescent, orange belts, straps, hair accessories or oversized bags. These industrial straps which can be loosened or tightened are also a reference to the way we act as a society, as well as the divisions we create.

A combination between a casual and a formal style was created through layers, oversized garments and zippers which transformed items such as the classic shirt wore beneath a trench coat. Moreover, the interpretation of the classic played a significant role in the collection as they switch the viewer attention to the details which empowered the collection’s message. For example, a white shirt with uneven cuts and oversized black trousers, accessorised with a backpack, gave the look of a schoolboy.

Yet, this look was embellished by an orange strap used as a hair accessory and an arm tattoo representing the name of the collection, ‘The Lies That Bind’, covered by a cling film. These are enforcing once again the way in which we perform as a society, rejecting the idea of transparency in order to feel comfortable.

Through this collection, Tourne de Transmission managed to successfully combine the visuals with the words, resulting in a powerful message about society and life, giving clothing a new meaning and to London Fashion Week a fresh, invigorating start.

Photograph Erol Birsen / Article written for The Upcoming Magazine /