The Perfect Weekend In London & An Instagrammable Itinerary

Happy weekend! I cannot believe it’s already the end of June and how fast this month flew by! I know I didn’t post much this month, but it’s the first time I don’t feel bad about it because I enjoyed this month so much! My parents came to visit from Romania, and we had the loveliest time. Of course, I couldn’t wait to share everything with you, so I’ve decided to create a London weekend itinerary, which is the absolute best place to visit during summer, as a city break holiday. So, if you plan to explore this beautiful city, feel free to save or pin the checklist below.

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Although a weekend is a very short period of time to get to know London, I made sure to include some of my favourite activities around the city, besides the common touristic attractions, that will definitely make you fall in love with London. So, without further ado, I’ll share our experience of checking some of the above boxes in this vibrant city.

Firstly, we went to Tower Bridge, one of my favourite spots in the world, a place filled with history that embraces modernity like no other landmark, an iconic building that will always bring us joy no matter how crowded, with the amazed tourists bringing the bridge to life. If you want to discover the secrets of the building further, you can go inside (£6/pp) where the history of the bridge is beautifully presented by images, videos and original parts of the building that were kept frozen in time. As you go up in the tower, the building embraces its modernity having a glass floor at the top level from where you can admire the powerful Thames river and the unstoppable life underneath you, on Tower Bridge. The price for visiting the Tower of London is £24.70/pp, and it includes the Crown Jewels, the visit of the White Tower and Bloody Tower while having the iconic Yeoman Warders as your tour guides.

As it was a Saturday, we decided to go and explore the Borough Market, where street food and organic products flourish in the intricate streets of London Bridge area, giving you the feeling that you stepped back in time, in the 12th century, in a world of aromatic spices and unique smells. I was super excited that I found the beloved organic açai powder that I was hunting at that moment. Although my mom never heard about açai before, she decided to buy some for herself, due to my hyper enthusiasm!

As we explored all of the other places in my checklist during their previous visits, I will

fast-forward to Sunday, when we wished to start the day with the view of London from above, feeling at the heart of the city while enjoying breakfast at Sky Garden. You can go without a booking only before 11:30AM, otherwise booking is essential to ensure you a spot. Even a butter croissant and a cup of coffee felt special on the 35th floor, surrounded by a 360° view of the most iconic buildings in Europe. And, of course, whenever you are surrounded by exotic plants life seems easier, making us forget about our daily troubles and worries, feeling a bit closer to a piece of heaven.

And as we already accustomed ourselves with the buzz of markets during the weekend and have a strong willingness to be surrounded by nature in this concrete jungle (or now we should adjust this expression to a glass jungle), we jumped in a double-decker heading towards Colombia Road to explore the Flower Market (every Sunday). On a narrow street, you had to advance with the crowds, being impossible to move otherwise. We didn’t see this as an inconvenience as everybody was good spirited, laughing and enjoying the massive crowds of people who gather in such large numbers just to Don’t imagine something fancy like the Chelsea Flower Show, but something common and simple, a place that it's used more for friendly gatherings, with people staying on the ground and enjoying a pint after picking their favourite flowers.

And now back to skyscrapers. This is what I absolutely love about London. The simplicity of which the modern intricates with the past, in a beautiful, mesmerising way. After dinner, we went up in the sky to enjoy a glass of wine. At level 52, in the tallest building in EU, the Shard, we let ourselves spoiled by the loveliest staff of GŎNG restaurant. Last year, Paul and I went to Aqua Shard, another bar & restaurant located in the Shard, and everything was as perfect as this time. Impressed by the surroundings and the life happening underneath us, we talked and laughed as the night was gripping London, admiring the last rays of sunshine that fell over the UK.

* Boat Trip on the Thames: cheapest option is through Thames Clipper River Bus, from North Greenwich to London Eye via an Oyster card.

Both Natural History Museum & V&A can be visited free of charge.

Booking is required for any Shard restaurants or bars and it can be done on the same day or a day before the visit.

The igloos at Coppa Club are quite popular so booking is required a few weeks in advance.