Since I moved to London I decided to explore this city every week so I can be familiar with all the well-known attractions as well as the more hidden places. And I want to share all of this with you, starting with these Instagrammable locations.

If this week seems already too long for you (even though it’s just Tuesday), these places are a must for you in order to recharge your batteries and to make your week more enjoyable.

3. Roof East (Stratford)

This place is perfect to relax with friends after a long day, many people coming here right after work for an ice latte, a cocktail or a beer, depending on their needs. This rooftop has that summer vibe, when everything seems easy and fun. You can play games such as jenga, mini golf or even bowling while the busy city reveals itself along the horizon.

2. Bread Ahead (Regent Street area)

If there is something I like to find when I visit a city it’s these small hidden cafés in the heart of the city. Walking down Carnaby Street we spotted two little turquoise tables next to a display window full of Danish pastries, standing out from the rest of the street. It felt impossible not to stop there for a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll, with scenery extracted form an urban fairy tale.

1. Corner Room (Bethnal Green)

I think Corner Room is my favourite place in London (besides The Shard) because it perfectly combines the modern feel with the industrial design, resulting in a very unique location. Imagine going into a very posh restaurant but feeling like you are in your grandma’s kitchen, enjoying your childhood faves. Needless to say the coffee is on point! Can’t wait to try a full breakfast/ brunch there!


Roof East:

Bread Ahead:

Corner Room:

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