Although I’ve postponed this fashion article for a week now, I know it’s better for me to post it no matter how frustrating it is to loose the outfit photos. On an Instagram poll I asked you what should I do and everyone voted to post this without the photos, so I decided to go for it only because it will be a lesson to me, one that I am sure many bloggers learned along the way.

PS: I didn’t screw up completely, I kept some photos from my IPhone.

This summer the fashion trends increasingly focused on this jungle theme, from the Gucci Bengal or Kenzo The Tiger collection that now is referenced throughout the high-street, to the numerous palm tree leaves that can be seen on must-have tees, home accessories or window displays.

However, to me this trend did not seem appealing because of the lack of quality, making those tiger tees looking nothing but cheap. At least this is how I felt about the trend until last Tuesday when I was browsing TopShop. In their new collection I saw this incredibly detailed beaded cross body bag, featuring a tiger. I had to have this bag and I wanted to create an outfit inspired by its details and colour palette. It seems it wasn’t just black and white after all.

Keeping the tones neutral, I added this rose-gold metallic frill knitted top to the outfit, which was the perfect item to bring the urban jungle vibe to life. This top is definitely a must for a summer festival too! This camo cargo trousers caught my attention with their wrap front detail, making the waist look very flattering.

I completed my look with these feathered, exotic sandals. When I saw the black feathers my mind instantly shifted towards McQueen. Although they bring this wilderness to the look, I feel they are very urban at the same time, being the most comfortable sandals I’ve tried on this summer, perfect to explore buzzing London in!

LINKS: http://www.topshop.com/ | https://www.missguided.co.uk/

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