Wedding Location Reveal

I am so excited to finally be able to share this! The location of our wedding was the biggest headache and it is a relief not to worry about it anymore. As you probably know from the 10 Things I Wish for Our Wedding post, we want an outdoor wedding, in the forest. We planned to rent a transparent tent, like the ones on Pinterest, but the problem was that we only found one in Romania and it was overpriced. It was better to buy one from China, but even so, we still had to look for food catering, renting toilets, tables and chairs. In the end, we gave up on the idea and started to look for locations instead. We scouted for about 2-3 months and we even had people saying no to us because we wanted something different.

This journey was an emotional roller coaster, and we were relieved when our lovely photographers and friends suggested Roca Bruna. This is an old mansion, built in 1902, on top of a cliff, surrounded by forest, vineyards and their vegetable garden. Chef Raul Vidican is providing the best fine dining experience, with high-quality ingredients and a healthy menu. If you know me, you already know how excited I am for all of these - it sounds perfect!

The place was opened only 4 months ago, so we will be the first wedding they're hosting. After seeing their level of perfectionism, I am not worried about this, but even more excited! On top of this, they offer even more than we were looking for. Roca has two terraces: the main one, that has a wonderful view of the forest, and a secondary, smaller one, right underneath the trees, with a bar. This is the ideal arrangement for us, as we intend to have a family area, with ambient music and a more relaxed atmosphere, and another area for our friends, with a DJ and place for dancing. The ceremony will also take place there, on the grass, facing the forest.

I am going to tease you with a small reveal in the vlog below, so you can be part of our wedding in the woods planning!