Wedding Plans Revealed!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Hello & happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week so far because today I'm going to reveal some things that you guys asked a lot about and needless to say I am super excited to share my wedding plans with you! Although I don't have it all planned out yet as we just moved back to Romania a couple of weeks ago, I will share with you some pins and ideas that I hope we will manage to realise for our big day.

So we knew from the beginning that we didn't want a big, fancy, ballroom wedding. First of all, we want to have fun and enjoy our party so we want to be surrounded only by our closest friends and family. Also, a few years ago, when we were on our holiday, in Greece, we saw a beautiful wedding on an isolated, local beach with stairs leading back up on a cliff to a small restaurant decorated with thousands of fairy lights. It really looked like a dream and we both agreed that we would love something as intimate as that for our wedding day.

Quickly after that, we started to look at beach weddings as our first option right after the engagement (or was it before? can't remember haha). But, as I scrolled on Pinterest for hours, the 'wedding in the woods' idea kept popping up on my feed. And as I showed it to Paul we slowly fell in love with this theme more than with the beach one. Also, a big advantage was that we didn't need to organise it as far away from home as the beach one.

So we decided on having a small wedding in the woods, natural themed, where the main focus will be our comfort and happiness. I found these dreamy tents on Pinterest and I knew I wanted exactly that but then my family asked the serious questions: what about kitchen and toilets? But fortunately, Paul found a company in Romania that has the kind of tents I was looking for and they are all equipped. Hooray!

As for the dress, of course, I am going to do an entire blog post & vlog just for it and hopefully, I will share that with you pretty soon!

Until then, please feel free to help me with any genius ideas you might have and if you live in Romania I cannot wait for all of your recommendations for the Wedding in the Woods of the year! ✨✨✨