Why Everyone Should Visit Edinburgh

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

It's 7pm and we've just landed back in London. No matter what exotic place I'm visiting, I am always excited to be back home, in this vibrant, never-sleeping city. But not this time; all I want is to take one more walk down the Royal Mile, in the heart of Edinburgh, one more picture on Victoria Street and to admire the view of the city one more time from the Edinburgh Castle.

With a rich history surrounding the city, narrow alleyways that lead to secret gardens or enclosures and a castle overseeing the town, there is no surprise J. K. Rolling found inspiration in this magical city for her famous Harry Potter series.

Although there were some strong winds from time to time, we definitely enjoyed our long days spent wondering on the intricate streets of Edinburgh. I've learned not to trust everyone (or every myth) I hear when travelling, but I did expect Scotland to be freezing at this time of the year. Gladly, it wasn't the case and the weather was very similar to London's, so with just a few tea breaks, we managed to explore the city all day long. Yay!

TIP Don't pack any scarves with you and leave some space in your suitcase for a few sweaters. You will be too tempted by the beautifully handmade cashmere and wool items from the numerous shops lining up along the narrow streets.

Another thing that I absolutely loved about Scotland is the people. No matter in which area of the city we found ourselves in need of a hot cup of coffee or something to eat, we always encountered warm, smiling people. Here, where the winter can be harsh, long and with ruthless winds, the people keep this magical city alive through their warm souls.

My top favourite place to visit in Edinburgh is Signet Library, as many of you have probably seen already on my Instagram, this place looks (and feels) surreal, as if it is extracted from a novel. I feel this place captures best Scotland's vibe: a warm place, full of history, where you can savour a romantic dinner or a fancy cup of hot tea and be in this serene set-up, sheltered

from the cold winter evenings.