In a pitch-black room, the only visible things were the garments of an extraterrestrial appearance set in ice, lightened with ultramarine blue shades. This futuristic setting enhanced the designer's vision. Known for her colourful and voluminous collections, Xiao Li amazed the audience once again through her presentation, using techniques of modern layering but with a classic twist, offered by organza Victorian neck ruffles (detail which was spotted throughout 2017 Autumn/Winter LFW) or by the Victorian-inspired salmon ankle boots.

The piece which stood out from pale shades of blue, virescent green or rosés, was a vivid citrus orange, oversized knitted blouse with undulate cuts, worn with exaggerated wide leg black trousers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the soft, feminine tones were contradicted by the thick, charcoal layers accessorised with oversized, pearly-grey knitted scarfs and hats. As predominant footwear, Li chose plain, white sneakers, suitable for the busy, everyday woman.

With most of the skin covered, Xiao Li created a conservative style, yet modern through the multitude of layers. The designer empowered the urban woman, giving her an effortless,confident and fearless look making the most out of references from the past.

Photograph: Erol Birsen / This article was created for The Upcoming magazine / https://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2017/02/21/xiao-li-autumnwinter-2017-collection-presentation-lfw/